The Creepy Pasta Edit

So I opened up Adobe Animate CC 2019 to start animating my object show. I did the stuffs for the thing, then when I started the animation, IT HAD BLOOD ALL OVER IT! I felt weird, the assets changed to Blood pngs, the audio changed to a scream that repeated until the animation stopped. I closed and said No to if I want to save the changes. When I reopened adobe, the gui changed to blood, I uninstalled adobe animate, then I installed it back, and it didn't work. I kept on doing this until I hear a knock

'Knock Knock'

I answer "Hello?"

The creator of adobe animate came up to me and tied me up. I struggled to untie myself, I failed. I screamed "HELP ME!" but he taped my mouth, I slowly and quietly tried to go away but he spotted me. He tied me to the wall this time, and put even more tape to my mouth.


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